Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unique Cottage Farm Studios

It was 'Sheep Day' at the Unique cottage farm studios We saw sheep being sheered, and my didn't those ewes bleat for their lambs and vice versa. The ewes were left bald but the little lambs only had their rear ends shaved.

After the indignity of the shearing shed they were all put into a small paddock to find each other. I felt quite sad as they all bleated and called to each other. The two lambs laying in the patch of dirt were the last to find their mums.

There were demonstrations on felting, dyeing wool tops and yarn, spinning and weaving, and hand knitting. You could also make a stained glass hanging of a sheep.
I have wanted to make a felted bowl for ages so when I saw these being shown, I had to go and ask a few questions. Enid and Jane from the 'Unique Textiles Group' very kindly taught me how to make one. Mine needs more felting and the petals are a bit wonky, but it's a great first piece. It doesn't look quite the same at the moment, Kizzie took a liking to it and ran off with it, but a bit of soapy water will put it right.

I asked one or two questions at the dyeing table too, and now I know how to dye wool tops without ending up with a matted mess.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, what a lovely little felt vessel - is that a little green inside?

Fenland Textile Studio said...


It was great to meet you yesterdy. I love the photo of the lambs bottoms, I didn't realise that they had a mini shear as well. Hopefully I will see you at the Unique textile group again.

Wendy Coyne said...

Green, moi? It is teal, although there is a little lime green too.

Emma said...

Aww I love it! How did you felt it? I've looked into making felted bowls before but the felting process really terrifies me as it asks you to use a washing machine and open the door mid cycle (which I don't think my machine does?). What was their secret?

Wendy Coyne said...

The little bowl was made by laying out wool fibres over a plastic template. The fibres are wet, soap is added and then friction. Once the fibres mat and start to shrink, a hole is cut through to the plastic template which is removed. Then you stick your fingers inside the wet, wool, blob and rub. and rub. and rub. Eventually the wool shrinks, mats together to form a fabric and magically you have a bowl. I can show you and even provide the stuff to make one of your own. xxx

sweetypie said...

it was nice to meet you on saturday and your pot looks so like a tulip

Rachel Murphree said...

So pretty and delicate, almost a tulip feel to me.

Jackie said...

Hi Wendy
Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!