Monday, August 01, 2011

Background papers

I made a handful of clingfilm backgrounds ready for the 7 day magazine challenge on ClothPaperStudio.

The Challenge is to find one magazine and make one collage a day using only images/text from that magazine and glue.  Keep going for as long as you can but our challenge is to make 7.

I find pristine blank white paper a bit scary so this time we have added an extra - make a coloured background to use.

My pieces are A5 size pieces of cartridge paper, I used very watered down acrylic paint, slapped it onto the paper and immediately lay a piece of cling film over the top. Let the creases go where they will, just pat the film down. Leave for 10 minutes and peel the film away and allow the paper to dry.

The intention is not to make great works of art, just to make sketchbooky collages to use as inspiration in the future. 

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