Sunday, August 14, 2011

Festival of Quilts - Regina Benson

If you are going to upset someone, aim high.  That is my motto and I do suffer from foot in mouth syndrome!

I saw this huge piece of work from a distance and had to get to it.  So, knocking a few people over in my haste, I barrelled over.  Oh my - it was as good close up as from a distance and it sang to me.  I asked permission to take a photo and it was granted, so I did.  Then I asked if I could take a pic of Regina's conference badge and she kindly posed.    I said "no, I only want a pic of your badge".  Talk about blunt Northerner.  Regina was gracious but she did have a strange look on her face.  I explained that I wanted the pic so that I would know whose work it was so that I could look her up on-line later.  I think I was forgiven but was perhaps written off as one of those stange English eccentrics ;)

Regina's work on display was gorgeous. She works big scale - something I find very scary and never dare to do.  The piece on the right was floating and moving gently, two layers of exquisite marks. 

These are double sided panels of discharged rayon, layered, appliqued and possibly burned then stitched. 

and a close up.  It glowed.

This one was titled 'breaking ground' and is layered and appliqued pieces of silk and cotton, variously rusted, discharged, dyed, burned and stitched. 

I could have stood and drooled over these all day.  Regina is lovely and her companion was very charming.  She has some more amazing photos on her web site too


Julie said...

You and me both Wendy! I was totally gobsmacked when I saw this work,it took my breath away! Stunning work!

:Diane said...

Okay, now I see the Edges piece in the right orientation and I understand it better - beautiful. Glad you had a chance to chat with the artist. She probably won't forget you either.

Carmen said...

I don't understand all the ins and outs that go into all this gorgeous fabric work but can appreciate it for the art it is (I often think about dabbling in quilting but am a terrible one for going 'ooooh' and starting another crafty sideline and then getting to much on my plate - am *trying* to be restrained and admire other peoples work from afar :P)

I love the idea of you trying to take a picture of someone's badge and them posing, thinking you will get all of them in the picture.