Monday, September 12, 2011

playing with print paste again

I called in Homebase the other day and had them cut some mdf into 18" x 24", I got 4 for £11.  Two layers of polyester felt stapled over and I have 4 new print boards.  Bargain! 
I had some perspex blocks in a drawer.  I glued little wooden door knobs on the back (no more nails glue) and they are now really easy to use.

The first piece has a base cover of lemon yellow.  I added turquoise to the leftover paste and used it to print using one of my perspex blocks.  It is batching now, because I have no idea what to do next.
The next started with lemon yellow.  I added turquoise and indigo blue to my paste and printed using a square block.  The circles were made using a jar lid, same dye paste but with extra indigo added. 

I used a credit card to get the print paste onto the fabric on this one.  First I scraped on lemon yellow (I mixed up a big batch this morning, gotta use it up).
I added a little golden yellow and indigo dye and used the edge of the card to print the block shapes.  Then scraped a tiny bit of scarlet in places.  I kept adding layers until it started to go muddy.  I used bottle tops in various sizes to stamp the circles.

Friends know that I hate green and rarely use it, but a lover of everything green has been heavily influencing me lately.  I know that I will be adding orange or red to the first two prints at some point though. 


Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love the green you have printed. I have so mdf boards as well and they are fab

Julie said...

I am definitely going to make some print boards, once I've made some space in my studio. I'm not into green either although I usually end up making green when I dye.

sweetypie said...

I am not big on green either, but it has a way of sneaking in,that does look raaather gorgeous, perhaps we need a play day?