Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thank you Leslie

Did I mention that I spent too much of my day at the FofQ watching Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan demonstrating?  I am not sorry.
Inspired by Leslie I did a little printing yesterday.  I started with scarlet and slapped it onto the fabric using a credit card.  Then I went over it with wine red print paste.
Of course then I went a bit mad and added black.  I was good and left it to batch overnight, and rinsed it out today.

Here's a peek at the rinsed fabric.  I am sad that I lost the glow of the vibrant scarlet, and there is some bleeding, but Leslie was right when she said 'the original marks own the cloth'. 
This has been well rinsed, but not washed in detergent yet, it will be back in the soda bucket ready for more work later


sweetypie said...

and I will be watching it......

Julie said...

Sorry I've not been commenting, been feeling a bit off it. (Also blogger's been a b*gger) Glad to see you're having some fun in the studio. See you on Monday at Manthorpe (I saw Tina today and she said you're coming).