Tuesday, September 27, 2011

why oh why

Why do I change things that aren't broke?

My broadband provider is putting the monthly fee up by £5, their letter made it clear that this isn't negotiable and if I wanted to change to another company, so what!

Enraged by this cavalier attitude and swayed by a special offer of cheap internet and calls, I decided to switch.  Filled in my on-line application and sent it off.  I got an acknowledgement everything was in order and I would be connected on Thursday (of last week).  The new router came on time and I waited with great expectation to be told I was connected.  Waited some more.  Sigh.

On Friday I rang the 'service' centre and the 'nice' gentleman told me that I had filled in my on-line application wrong and the only thing they could do was cancel the order and start again.  I think he may have been a robot because when I asked what I had done wrong he simply repeated himself. Sadly we were disconnected.  I can't believe he would be so rude as to hang up on me!  I said a rude word and Brian rang them back.  He spoke to a 'lovely' man who more or less repeated what had been said but told B that he would do the re-order himself and make sure we kept exactly the same promised deal.  He also promised to ring back after 8pm to confirm everything was good to go.  The date for connection would be Tuesday.

Guess what?  He didn't ring back, but I did get an email saying the order had been placed. 

Yesterday we received a returns envelope for the router.  I didn't really understand why they would have to send a new one, so put that to one side.

So It is Tuesday.  The day.  I followed the link to the order to look at the status.  It said completed.  Yeh.  sigh! 

I did managed to speak to a human this time.  (I may have 'accidently' pressed the wrong button when the telephonist robot gave me options) I started by telling Jason that I understand that none of the above is his fault but.......

I have been assured that both my phoneline and my broadband will be connected on Friday, that the router I already have is the one I will be using and I will receive a text on my mobile phone to let me know when I am connected. 

If you don't hear from me for a while you will know where I am..........

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