Tuesday, May 28, 2013

been dyeing

in two ways.

Kizzie saw a cat, Kizzie chased the cat, I held the lead.  Sigh.  I got away with bruised ribs and skinned knees with a full compliment of embarrassment as I sat in a puddle in the rain.    Confined to the house for a few days whilst I winced and moaned I did some playing with fabric and dye.

I bunged the fabric into a small pot (lined with plastic bag).  poured dye over.  waited 10 minutes and then added soda.  Left for 24 hours.  ok ok, I used old dye that had been sitting mixed with water for a few months.  So most of the colour washed out, but I did get these lovely pastels and I love love love them.  I can see that I need one or two more pinks and I have to use up that old dye so why not.  I may need a green too


Anonymous said...

Definitely green and some purple, too.

Rachel Murphree said...


Julie said...

Ow!!!! You never said, I hope you're all healed up now.