Tuesday, May 28, 2013

bowling along

I isn't a good bowl, there are 1000 mistakes and bad stitching here, but as a trial I am happy.

I have a copy of Linda Johansen's book fast, fun and easy irresist-a-bowls and adapted one of her patterns to make mine.  Lindas instructions are clear and easy to follow, sadly most of the bowls pictured aren't included.  Happily I rarely follow instructions so went along in my own way.  Hence the bad stitching ;)  The next one will be loads better, I now know which bits to sew first, which to bond and most importantly, which thread to use for the satin stitching.  Lessons learned.  I did learn that I need green fabric. sigh!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty design. A sunflower of course. Lovely! Would be nice filled with sunflower seeds.

Rachel Murphree said...

Well done, you, for using that scary green color. it looks fabulous of course, and I love the circle FME in the center of the flower. COOL!